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£2,000 flies into Richard’s pocket!

This week we surprised Richard Beard from DTE Business Advisers with the £2,000 cheque!

DTE Business Advisers are a firm of chartered accountants based right here in Bury! The team offer a range of services such as auditing, accounting and tax advice to their clients. With over 80 years’ experience, DTE work with a range of different businesses and believe in helping clients realise the full potential of their businesses. 

Richard is an audit manager at DTE Business Advisers, which involves preparing accounts and auditing the accounts of companies and has been in his current role for six years.

With the help of a different Richard at DTE, Richard Bell, we were able to arrange a time to come in and surprise him with the big cheque – and it’s safe to say he was lost for words when we snuck in! 

When asked what he would put his winnings to, Richard said he would be spending the money on flights to South America with his girlfriend!

The draw is open to all Bury residents, business owners and employees, including their friends and families. It’s a great opportunity to win £2,000 while also helping the local business community. There are only 2,400 tickets available in the Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw, giving everyone great odds of winning.

Click here to see the moment we surprised Richard! 

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