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£2000 Win Sparks Joy for Keilan

This Wednesday’s lucky winner of the Made In Bury £2000 weekly draw was Keilan Hodkinson from Six Town Housing – congratulations Keilan!

Keilan is an electrician at Six Town Housing, an Arms Length Management Organisation, which manages the housing stock owned by Bury Council. They provide a wide range of services to around 8000 homes in Bury and aspire to deliver great services that improve the quality of homes and neighbourhoods.

As an electrician for the company, Keilan’s role is to carry out responsive repairs at the homes they manage. Kielan has been working for Six Town Housing for around 6 years but is a relatively new entrant to the draw having had his ticket a few months now. They do seem to be a lucky company as we have had quite a few winners who work there!

He was off site on a job when we went to find him and was just about to head to the next one when we surprised him outside his van.

He immediately knew what he would be spending his winnings on as one of the first things out of Keilan’s mouth when we surprised him was “That’s me off to Thailand”! Keilan loves the country having been three times already, and he plans to head off for some sunshine and relaxation travelling around the islands.

In the words of Keilan when he received his winnings “It’s a belter”!

Watch the moment we surprised him on a job here.

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