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A sweet win just before Christmas for Slattery!

It was the first December Draw and what an absolute delight to be able to go and surprise the winner in person, we took a little trip to the heart of Whitefield to Slattery Pâtissier and Chocolatiers. This week’s lucky winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw was Jeanette Ramsden with ticket number 20746. Jeanette joined the Draw in June 2018 and told us that she shares the ticket with 2 of her work colleagues, Wendy Hilton-Casey and Becky Glover. Congratulations!

We were able to give John Slattery a call to find out if Jeanette and the ladies were working, and we were thrilled to find out that they were. It was a complete shock for everyone that Leanne had turned up with the giant cheque and everyone was eager to find out who the winner was. When John announced it was Jeanette’s ticket that was the winner the ladies jumped for joy and all the colleagues erupted in cheering and applause. This is the 10th winner from Slattery and the employees have over 45 tickets per week in the Draw, it’s incredible to have their support, thank you.

We found out Jeanette has worked at Slattery for almost 20 years, Wendy for 31 years and Becky for 15 years, and they absolutely love where they work. Sadly, Becky wasn’t in today, but the other ladies were able to video call her afterwards to tell her the wonderful news that they were the winners! Jeanette is looking to put her portion towards a trip to New York and Wendy said that she’s going to have a wonderful Christmas with her children.


Click here to see the moment we surprised the ladies.

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