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A Win for Lyn!

As many of you may know we were unable to get hold of our winner on Wednesday 23rd February to let them know they had won £2000. But with the power of social media and with the help of the great people in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw community we were able to get in touch with them on Thursday morning.

So it’s our pleasure to announce that this week’s winner is Lyn Meadows with lucky ticket number 21423.

Leanne rang the number that we had for Lyn the morning after and with our delight someone answered, it was her husband John and he passed the phone over to Lyn. When Leanne explained that she was trying to get hold of her, Lyn said 2 of her friends had sent her a screenshot of one of the posts later that evening from social media and they asked if it was her, knowing that she wasn’t on social media herself. Initially Lyn wasn’t sure but when she checked her records she indeed found out that the ticket number was hers and she was going to ring back first thing, but Leanne just beat her to it.

Lyn had a very busy day on Winning Wednesday, she was out and about all day including a trip to the world famous Bury Market and meeting with her Daughter-in-Law.

Lyn purchased her ticket in June 2019 while working at Woodhey High School, she was there for a phenomenal 22 years before she decided to retire in the Summer of 2020. She was still in shock that she was the winner and the news hadn’t properly sunk in. As she has had a little bit of extra time to think about what to spend her winnings on Lyn told Leanne that it was going to put it towards a holiday that’s been booked for Scotland later in the year as well as treating a couple of family and friends, including Alison and Carol who sent the posts over.

Lyn has now given us her mobile number and an updated email address in case we ever need to get in touch again and she said that she will definitely answer if it’s a Wednesday! If you have a ticket in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 and there’s a chance you’ve changed your contact number, email address or the place where you’d be on Winning Wednesday, then drop Leanne an email at with your updated details.

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