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It’s a sunny day in Bury and it’s the last draw of August. Today’s lucky winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is Gillian Warde, who bought her ticket via Bury Council.

Gillian, with lucky ticket number 21144, has been in the draw since November 2018. Today’s call was worth the wait, and we would like to thank her for all the support she’s given over the years, we really value it.

We had to ring Gillian 3 times before she answered as she didn’t recognise the number and was ignoring us, in the hope that we’d leave a voicemail. It was only when she saw the number continue to ring that she answered, thinking it might be important and she’s so glad she did! Like many of our winners, she never thought it would happen to her, and it was a great surprise. Gillian was lucky enough to be present for one of the phone calls to a previous winner and she said the atmosphere was amazing!

Gillian has worked for Bury Council for 39 years on the 1st of September this year and works in the finance Department, she is currently working for home. We were lucky to catch her while she was on her lunch. She has one of over 400 tickets that Bury Council have and is their 38th winner since the draw started. It’s amazing to have their support.

We love to ask what the lucky winner is going to spend their £2000 on. Gillian and the family were meant to be going to Portugal, but like many, plans have had to change and they’re now going to the Isle of Wight. The money will go towards some treats while they’re away.

Click here to see the moment we surpirsed Gillian.

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