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Big Win For Creative Newly Wed

Please join us in congratulating Jess Smith who has won this week’s Weekly £2,000 Draw with ticket number 20745.

Today we had the pleasure of surprising our first Weekly £2000 Draw winner of February 2024, and this time it was Jess Smith from Slattery.

Jess has supported the Weekly £2000 Draw since 2018 and has been a cake decorator at Slattery for 9 years! Jess has always had a love of Art and progressed in a career as a Chef before eventually landing her “job of dreams” at Slattery.

Family run Slattery Patissier and Chocolatier is much more than just a cake shop! The “Naughty-but-oh-so nice” food emporium that has been created in Whitefield is truly one of a kind and attracts visitors from far and wide. Slattery is home to its large retail store, celebration and wedding cake showroom, Masons dining room and a bakery. Why not visit them to see everything they have to offer?

Phil and Debi went to surprise Jess at work to tell her the fantastic news! Jess was ecstatic to hear that she was this weeks Weekly £2000 Draw winner, and what made it even more special was that she was with her new wife and fellow co-worker, Stacey, when she heard the news too. 

Jess and Stacey got married last year, and Jess went on to tell us that she could be sensible and use the money to help pay off some outstanding costs from their wedding, or, she could have some fun with a lovely get away – maybe to Barcelona. We also hear that Jess is an avid cat lover with 3 cats at home… so maybe another furry friend to add to the mix could be a ‘purrrrfect’ way to spend her winnings.

Congratulations to Jess! We hope that however she chooses to spend her winnings, she has fun doing it!

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