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Brightening up Rhianna’s wet Wednesday.

It’s the first draw of May and this week’s winner in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is Rhianna Bateson with lucky ticket number 21591! Congratulations from us all.

Although it was raining that wasn’t going to stop us from brightening up Rhianna’s day by letting her know that she’d won £2000, so we headed to Clough & Willis on Manchester Road in Bury Town Centre.

We got to the office and went in, we were greeted by Taylor who was on reception, Leanne straight away asked her to be super quite and showed her the giant cheque with Rhianna name on it, but sadly we were told that she wasn’t in today. Thank you for keeping the surprise a secret until we called Rhianna.

Leanne called Rhianna when she got back to the office, when she answered she told her that she’d been to the office to see her and she wasn’t there, Rhianna seemed suspicious and asked who it was, Leanne responded and said that it was Winning Wednesday. Rhianna paused for a moment and then screamed “Oh my god!” She couldn’t believe it and kept asking if she had really won and it’s made her day.

Leanne asked what the £2000 winnings would go on, initially Rhianna said that the money would go towards some DIY projects on the house, but then changed her mind and said it would be nice to go on a holiday with it and we couldn’t agree more.

Rhianna will be celebrating 5 years at Clough & Willis this October. She has recently been made a Partner and deals with wills and probates. This is now the 2nd win for Clough & Willis, as Nicola won back in November 2021.

Thank you Clough & Willis for supporting the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw, they are a personal and commercial solicitors based in Bury and Little Lever, Bolton. They pride themselves on being open, honest and speaking in plain English with you.

If you’d like to win like Rhianna or get your team involved go to for tickets or contact Leanne on to arrange a visit.

Click here to see the moment we called Rhianna.

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