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Bury Council Worker Wins Big

Please join us in congratulating Jacqui Waite who has won this week’s Weekly £2,000 Draw with ticket number 20389.

Today we were thrilled to contact Weekly Draw ticket holder, Jacqui, to let her know that she was this week’s winner of our £2000 prize. Jacqui was over the moon to hear the news!

Jacqui has held a ticket to the Weekly £2000 Draw since the day it started, which means she (and her ticket) has been supporting us with our mission of “helping tomorrows businesses today” for an amazing about of time. 

Jacqui has worked for Bury Council since 2002 but has been in her current role a Project Manager in the Corporate Care Unit of Adult Care Services.

When asked what she would be spending her winnings on, Jacqui said that her £2000 will be spent on a new pair of running shoes, a family trip to Alton Towers and buying some concert tickets for her teenage daughter. She’s not decided what she’ll spend the rest of her winnings on yet but we’re sure she’s going to have a fabulous time spending and making amazing memories. 

We wish Jacqui and her family all the best and we hope they all have an amazing time on their thrill-seeking adventure at Alton Towers! Congratulations Jacqui!  

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