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Testimonials of the Made in Bury Business Academy


Before joining the Made in Bury Business Academy I felt as though I was muddling my way through on my own. I’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to learn from experienced business owners and speakers. The varied modules focus on many different elements of running and improving your own business with topics from Time Management to Social Media.

You meet people from a wide range of business backgrounds and share valuable information. The group discussions, honest feedback and support really helps you to revaluate your methods and processes to work more effectively. I feel as though I’m still finding my way but now have the tools to help me improve and grow my business more efficiently.

I highly recommend this course, if you’re considering it just join, you will not regret it!

Helen Barlow – Digital Graphic Designer


I would definitely recommend anyone contemplating joining the academy to just go for it. I’ve learned such a lot about business and how I want to move forward. The modules are so informative and each one follows on from the last one perfectly bringing clarity and alignment to my business.
The mentor is a wonderful addition to the program and has given me a deeper insight and vision for the future and what I want to offer.
Thank you Phil and Debi for the value you provide both at the academy and outside of it.


Although I’ve only been on the Academy programme for a couple of months now, I’ve already found it invaluable in helping me to move my business forward.
Phil and Debi have such a wealth of business knowledge and experience and I knew this would be a comprehensive, practical programme.
In each session so far, Phil has got us to look at our businesses in a different way and this has helped me to focus on the priorities necessary to drive my business to the next level. In addition to this, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the other participants on the course, their businesses and they have already become part of my support network which is so great for many of us who, like me, work alone. I should also mention my mentor, Olly who has been a great support to me, giving me the encouragement I need.
I’m so grateful to be part of the Class of 2023!
I can’t wait to see where my and everyone else’s businesses are by the end of the programme and beyond!
Ulka Kulkarni – Fab Hats



This Academy is by far the best business decision I have made. I am only halfway through and already can see a difference to the way I am running my business. Gone are the days of wasting my time on meaningless tasks for little return. The Academy has given me focus and also returned my drive to make my business be successful.

The 2023 group is so friendly it has made it so much more relaxing and this has been a major factor in me starting to achieve my goals. There is no pressure and the friendly atmosphere this has created is so rewarding. This group of people are super supportive of all of our businesses. By far the best decision I have made for my business. I honestly believe I would have folded it by now so Thank you Phil and Debi for this opportunity and thank you for helping save my business.

Ben Bethel – Doggydude



The academy is a great font of information, and everyone is open and honest. It’s good to be able to talk to others that are on a similar journey and share ideas. It’s good to know you’re not on your own, there is always someone only a WhatsApp away.
The training is very well presented and in a way we all understand. Having someone share their personal experience is really helpful as they can say what has worked for them in business and understanding that one size doesn’t fit all businesses.

The academy is helping me become more focused on how to prioritise the order in which to do things, that will benefit the business more.
It’s amazing how you can meet a load of strangers in a room and quickly become friends. That’s how it’s feels when we all meet up

Kathryn McDonnell – MHM Products Ltd



I would really recommend the business academy to other new businesses needing a point in the right direction or maybe just a little extra help and knowledge! Even though I dreaded the first session, Phil and Debi made me feel super welcome and I now really enjoy attending with the other like-minded businesspeople who have become more like friends.
The different sessions are very well thought out and structured to really help make a difference to your business. I particularly find the 1-2-1 sessions with my mentor useful as it’s helped me focus on making my business more successful by using the tools given in each session. Thank you again for allowing me to take part!

Rebecca Robinson – Swim Steps Swim School



I have always believed that to run a successful business, it is imperative to have a solid and sound foundation in practical business skills and knowledge. That is why I enrolled with Made in Bury.  The course has provided me with practical and strategic frameworks like “90 Minutes” which have completely revolutionised how I work.

The engaging modules and Phil’s expert guidance have given me the confidence to navigate the volatile and competitive world of business. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their business acumen.

Bothwell Sikhosana – Ubuntu Living Limited



What sets the Made in Bury Business Academy apart is its commitment to hands-on learning. The workshops and mentorship programs are not just theoretical; they are practical roadmaps that guide you through the intricacies of starting-up and running a successful business.

My favourite part of the Academy so far has to be the accountability we are all holding ourselves and each other to, as a group, to make positive steps forward in our businesses. I must admit I have been pleasantly surprised by just how much I have learnt over our first few sessions; I can already see the beneficial difference in my approach to my business.

Jade Majid – JAM Business Consulting



I am currently on the made in bury business academy, which I am enjoying being part of. I am learning valuable business skills such as marketing and finance, which will enable me to grow my business. Attending the academy has given me the confidence and opportunity to network with other local businesses and the group as a whole are supportive of each other and provide necessary constructive feedback.

Phil has been supportive and encouraging throughout the process and he is extremely approachable, and I feel comfortable talking to him if I have any issues. Phil will give his honest opinion about ideas from the group and will say what he thinks is the best course of action.

I would personally prefer if the fortnightly sessions were longer than 2 hours, however I would highly recommend this course to other new local businesses as I believe it provides vital experience, knowledge and skills that will help businesses thrive.

Aaron Hughes – Under Pressure Cleaning / Valeting & Maintenance



Since starting the Business Academy course, I have enjoyed meeting new, driven people, who like myself, are starting a new path in life to become as successful as can be.

With the academy I have been able to better prepare myself for different tasks, such as managing my time to be more productive, benefiting more from networking and having a long-term business plan. I would like to also say Phil creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to help me continue and learn all aspects of business management.

James Murray – Hi-Line Roofing & Joinery Ltd



Thank you, Phil and Debi, for creating such a fantastic academy packed with value and where I am learning more than I thought possible in such a short amount of time. Phil delivers the lessons in a way that is honest, to the point but also totally engaging and there is never a dull moment!

I feel so appreciative of finally gaining direction and excited for where I am going. I feel like my business is gaining momentum.

The added bonus of an amazing mentor who is always attentive and full of knowledge and guidance is superb. I am truly thankful and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is needing clarity and support in their start up.

Roselle Aspinall – ArtnSoul



Attending the business academy has been a game changer for my business, and at only 2 months in, that’s impressive! I have already applied some of the strategies, tips and recommendations suggested by Phil & Debi. I can honestly say it has opened my eyes in many ways. Having had a business coach before, been signed up to business enterprise workshops previously, I feel I have taken more away from these couple of months than I ever did before. Attending the Made in Bury Business academy is by far the best choice I have made for my business to date. All the encouragement to work ‘on’ my business and not just ‘in’ my business, are vital building blocks for my business in the future.

I really look forwards to the Thursday mornings with my business academy peers, each session I am learning something new which will help grow my business and more importantly help it thrive. I have been matched with a fab mentor, who I feel gets my business and holds similar values to myself. Phil and Debi are so knowledgeable, approachable and honest. Couldn’t ask for more!

I cannot wait to see what next 8 months brings and to be on journey with other amazing business owners, it really is something quite special and I feel very lucky to be part of the 2023 cohort.

Anne Beagan – The Health & Wellbeing Consultancy



I joined Made in Bury Academy as I was a year into trading and had been running around delivering but with no structure to my offer or services. I had effectively just created myself a job and I wanted to create a proper business. I knew I would need some help to get me to a place of processes and practices that would enable this. Having attended the discovery session, the programme sounded exactly what I needed and would also give me a great network of peers to support and work with, to help us all succeed.

I have been on the programme for a couple of months now and it has more than delivered on my expectations. I have loved getting to know everyone and hear about the diverse businesses in the room and I have also taken so much value from each session. Each module is really focused and clear and while I haven’t put everything into practice so far, I know I have so many tools at my disposal to make my business succeed, and I know I will implement everything at the right time.

I am really enjoying having access to a mentor and having the opportunity to digest my learnings as well as interpreting how the specific activities can help drive my business forward and bouncing those off someone who has also set up on their own and has experienced all that running a business has to offer. The Academy Programme is such a good way to get you to think differently about your approach and focus your attention on all aspects of running a business, without it feeling too overwhelming, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Michelle Hollewyn – Holla HR Limited

I’m delighted to be a part of the 2023 Business Academy cohort because the knowledge I’m gaining is massively helping me to develop my business now and into the future.

I enjoy how the course is delivered with an honest but light-hearted approach and I’ve learned so much already, including new tips on how to be the most productive with my time to drive my business forward and I’ve also benefited from Phil’s expertise in financial planning with goal setting in mind!

I feel very fortunate to spend these fortnightly sessions with other inspiring business owners, sharing valuable information and experiences. I genuinely feel like we are a supportive team, growing together each week and I hope to continue these relationships beyond the end of the course.

Helen Barlow – Craft Cut Designs



Since joining the course, we have been able to look at different aspects of our Business and have confidence in what we are doing. The course enables entrepreneurs to link with other like-minded people, share learn and develop from one another.

The environment offers critical challenge in a meaningful way that stretches how we think about our business and gives us fresh approaches to move forward on our plans.

Rhyse Cathcart – Dough so good pizzeria



The academy so far has been everything I had hoped it to be, welcoming, informative and supportive. I’m enjoying meeting like-minded people who are all ready to take their business to the next level.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next eight months brings.

Lucy Coster – All about Me Boutique



I was so excited to be accepted on the Academy this year. I have no previous experience of being self-employed, so I was looking for support and expert training and advice from well-established business owners in a close-knit community.

So far, I have not been disappointed. The in-depth modules cover every aspect of business and are laid out in clear progression. They offer opportunities for both theoretical and practical learning. Phil’s years of experience shine through in the way he trains and mentors each and every one of his students. It is clear that he cares about us and really wants us to succeed.

The addition of mentors this year is a real bonus and I’m looking forward to being closely connected to a successful business owner and tapping into her knowledge and networks. I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and believe it will be an essential part of my growth in the coming year.

Nadia Myerson – Nadia Myerson Coaching



As a business owner, I’ve always sought ways to enhance my business acumen and operational efficiency. My experience at Bury Business Academy has been nothing short of transformative, offering a comprehensive suite of programmes tailored to modern business needs.

Knowing My Numbers: This programme provided me with the essential financial literacy skills necessary to make informed decisions. Understanding the financial health of my business has never been clearer, leading to more strategic and profitable choices.

Planning 90 Minutes: Time management is crucial, and this module revolutionised the way I plan and execute tasks. The focus on impactful 90minute blocks has significantly increased my productivity and effectiveness.

Marketing Mastery: This comprehensive marketing programme has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to create and implement effective marketing strategies. The result has been a noticeable increase in brand awareness and customer engagement.

Effective Networking Strategies: Networking is the lifeblood of business growth. The strategies I learned have not only expanded my professional network but also deepened existing relationships, leading to collaborative opportunities and new clients.

60 Seconds to Success: In today’s fast paced world, making a lasting impression quickly is vital. This programme taught me how to effectively communicate my business’s value proposition in just 60 seconds, a skill that has been invaluable in networking and pitch situations.

Impact on My Business: Since attending these programmes, I’ve seen a measurable improvement in my business’s performance. Financial management is more robust, time is utilised more efficiently, our marketing efforts are more targeted and effective, and our network has grown significantly. This holistic improvement has been instrumental in driving growth and stability.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Phil and Debi: None of this would have been possible without the guidance and expertise of Phil and Debi. Their passion for business excellence and their commitment to each participant’s success have been inspiring. They have not just been instructors but invaluable mentors whose insights have had a lasting impact on my business and personal growth. A massive thank you to both for their unparalleled support and dedication.

Raj Kundalia – Cybione Limited


JULY 2023

Phil, Thank you so much for all of your help and support this past year at the Academy, you’ve been amazing both for me and my business. Keep in Touch! Lyndsey x


APRIL 2023

If anyone starting a business soon or one that’s under three years old, you can reduce the risk of failing by getting your business foundations in place with the Made in Bury Business Academy. I’d recommend joining a diverse family of startups to learn from Phil & Debi along with some of Bury’s most reputable companies in addition to supporting each others growth for the best chance of success as an entrepreneur!

We are probably one of the best companies of all the academy current and past members to tell you: “it doesn’t matter how niche and random your business or idea is, the academy is a must if you want your business to thrive!”

(Honestly, we hire police cars for tv and film productions for goodness sakes, you can’t get more niche than that!)

I highly recommend to anyone thinking of starting a business to join the academy is well and truly an eye opener and the support you get from Phil and debi and even other companies starting out like yourselves is absolutely amazing I love being part of it and thank all the other new start up businesses for there support aswell.


MARCH 2023

I’d highly recommend the Made in Bury Business Academy to any business that’s under 3 years old.

I thought I already knew what I needed to know about setting up and maintaining a business. I was wrong! (I don’t say that often).


MARCH 2023

Meeting bimonthly with like-minded local business owners, talking and learning all things business, is just what every new business owner needs.


MAY 2022

The academy has been a fantastic learning and networking experience for myself and my business.

I started the academy after a few months of starting a business in Bury town centre and the course gave me a greater understanding of how a business works and how to build a business and not just a job. The networking module was particular memorable because Phil and Debi passed on a lot of their experience of networking, the do’s and don’t which gave me the confidence to start attending several networking events which helped grow my own business. Everyone supported one another in the cohort and everyone supported each other businesses, even now I still recommend business from the group..


MAY 2022

Committing to the Academy Programme was an amazing experience for me.  Right from the very first session I had so much support from Phil and Debi, as well as the occasional challenge to my thinking and ideas.  Phil taught me about how important it is to work ‘on the business’ as well as ‘in the business.’  I’ll never forget the day he asked me how much was in my marketing budget – my answer – nothing, I don’t have enough money to market so I need to rely on word of mouth.  He soon put me right on that!

The programme really made me question who would be my likeliest clients and this helped shape the branding and marketing.  I enjoyed all the modules but if I had to pick a couple out I’d say pricing and positioning as well as selling skills were of most value to me as these were the areas I was least comfortable with.

My networking skills have improved massively and whenever I introduce myself I use the model given to me – ‘The 60 second introduction’.

The other people on the programme were also extremely supportive and, together with Phil, stretched my thinking to the point that I made some big changes around my business.   All I can say is a huge thank you to Phil, Debi and the other business owners on the programme for having so much impact on my business and on the confidence I now have in myself as a business owner.’


MAY 2020

For me, the Academy has actually been a life-changing experience and without it I don’t think I would have had the confidence or the push I needed to really go for it and start my business properly and live my dream.

I will never forget Phil’s response in the discovery meeting when I asked about the course being on a Thursday morning and other work commitments and he said ‘If you can’t commit to that then are you really serious?’ – at the time I was a bit surprised but it was a harsh truth I needed to hear, and quitting my job to start my business was the best decision I have ever made.

I found most of the modules really beneficial and they made me think about things I never would have otherwise, and I strongly believe my business has more structure and a stronger footing going forward because of it.

As well as the business knowledge I have gained, I would say the people have been the best part. The support of the others on the course has given me so much more confidence; just knowing someone else that is in the same boat as you is invaluable! I now have 17 or so other people I can message to ask for help or get advice if I need to!

I have worked with quite a few of the other members from this year and have also gained a lot of business from referrals through them, and through meeting other connections through the Academy networking events – which I would never have thought to go to before the academy.


MAY 2020

About the Market, Message Media module.

Good structure, makes you think about the deeper feelings behind the business.

The customer avatar is a brilliant idea and has helped me think about the structure of my business and how I am presenting myself, to find my avatar.


MAY 2020

About the Personal Development & Self-motivation module

This session helped me look at what I needed to do to help me with the running of my business and to make it successful. It helped me prioritise things and put a time on when I needed to get it done by which helped me stick to it.

This is an ongoing thing I will do to keep me focused.


MAY 2020

About the Customer Excellence Module

Knowing what your customers think about you improves how you do things in the future.

Before this module I asked for feedback every now and then and mainly to those that bought their dress. I failed to ask those that did not, why they did not, knowing why you didn’t get the sale is as equally (if not more) important than why you did, with this knowledge you can continuously improve.


MAY 2020

The Made in Bury Business Academy has been one of the best decisions I made for my business.

The course has been fabulous and has really made me stretch myself to think about what I want from my business in terms of development and expansion, but also around the whole ethos behind the services I provide.

I have made some really important changes to my business, especially around branding and marketing, and this has been so successful that I am now in a position where I have grown my business to a point where I have employed staff. I don’t think this is something I would have done without the input from the academy.

The best thing about the academy though has to have been the support I have received from both Debi and Phil and from the other members of the academy. As a group we have shared our successes, our highs, our lows and really looked after each other.

We have shared our skills to benefit one another and I really feel I am leaving the academy with a wealth of knowledge and some fabulous friends.


MAY 2020

Overall the Business Academy has been useful and motivational. It’s built my confidence in many ways, and also allowed me to look at the bigger picture.

Instead of looking at the immediate future of HC I’m now looking at the future term plan, and how far I can push HC over the next 5-10 years.


MARCH 2020

I have been drawing/colouring/painting since I was little and I have never doubted that this is what I was good at and this is what I wanted to do (except for that one time I apparently said I wanted to be a tennis player  think my mum made that up!)

From art GCSE, I went on to art and graphic design at college, art foundation and eventually studied Graphic design at NTU. I left uni determined to be a children’s book illustrator, I moved home for a year – I’m from a little town called Grimsby – and got a job in @waterstonesgy – I didn’t know at the time but this is when my journey truly began.

I started drawing on the chalk boards in store, creating the promotions for events and upcoming book releases; about a year later I moved to Manchester and transferred to @waterstonesarndale and they embraced this talent as well.  I still didn’t know chalk boards could lead to anything at this time and at some point, I gave up on the book illustrator dream…

In 2018 I was kind of lost, I couldn’t afford to stay at Waterstones and ended up getting a job in marketing. I quickly realised this wasn’t the job for me, but I wasn’t really sure what to do. I had set up a page for my chalkboard work when I was at Waterstones and I began to get a few enquiries; I started to think maybe I could do something with this… but it wasn’t until I was invited to the @madeinbury Business Academy (a course for start-up business’) that things truly changed.

It quickly became apparent that I couldn’t stay at my job and do the course, so long story short: I quit. This was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made, and I fully launched Happy Chalk as a business in April 2019! I got a part time job to help with the rent, but I can happily say it’s going really well – I am officially a chalkboard and window artist!  Over the next year or so, I hope to turn Happy Chalk into a full-time venture, and never have to work for anyone else ever again!


MARCH 2020

Although unsure at first to the benefit of what the Made In Bury Business Academy could offer me, both Phil and Debi have opened my eyes and ignited my brain as to not only what a new company needs to think about when initially starting but also what a successful, long term company needs to act and look like.

Each session is made to be enjoyable as well as informative and you can tell they really want you to succeed long beyond your “Graduation” from MIBBA.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone starting their journey into owning and running a successful business

John Tate-Director of Open Space Aluminium Ltd


MARCH 2020

The Made in Bury Business Academy has been one of the best decisions I made for my business.

The course has been fabulous and has really made me stretch myself to think about what I want from my business in terms of development and expansion, but also around the whole ethos behind the services I provide.

I have made some really important changes to my business, especially around branding and marketing, and this has been so successful that I am now in a position where I needed to employed staff. I don’t think this is something I would have done without the input from the academy.

The best bit about the academy though has to have been the support I have received, both from Debi and Phil and from the other members of the academy. As a group we have shared our successes, our highs, our lows and really looked after each other. We have shared our skills to benefit one another and I really feel I am leaving the academy with a wealth of knowledge and some fabulous friends.


Just thought I would share this…. 3 years ago I had a dream…. to work for myself and grow my idea of building a business from scratch…. well it’s not been easy.

I started the academy with an extremely small business but Phil and Debi believed in me…. I was doing what a lot of us did at first…. working full time and I was trying to fit in ballooning at weekends and ordering and marketing and buying and everything else through the week. My salary mainly went towards buying equipment, paying for training courses, stock etc etc….

There have been too many sleepless nights to count, wondering if I am going to make it, if the orders will all be good for the weekends, if we will get enough orders in, if invoices will be paid and on time, checking my bank balance at 2am when the update from the bank shows whether I can pay my bills that day/week.

There have been moments when I have had to smile on the outside whilst feeling like crying on the inside.

There have been times when I have felt like just running back to my “old life”… guaranteed pay check at the end of the month. Stability.

There have been moments in my relationship that have been hard because of the long hours and exhaustion.

But every time something came up that made me doubt myself…. something else happened that day to make it better …. a large order for balloons came in, a limited edition Steiff bear sold in the shop or simply a little girl giving me a cuddle in the shop telling me she was happy I was there today.

This weekend was THE busiest we have had!

Just wanted to say…. that the quote “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life” …. well I do truly work but I truly love what I do but it’s all worth it.

Remember…. “Making life changes may be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Regret”


APRIL 2019

About the Personal Development & Self-Motivation module

This module particular stands out to me as it came around at a time I felt I needed it the most. With the academy sessions being fortnightly you will find yourself looking forward to them and to being surrounded by like minded individuals, who are all striving for their own success whilst motivating you with yours. The academy sessions will always fill you with positivity, hope and a “can do” hop in your step. After this session, and evaluating my progress and where I aim to be, I left feeling extremely hopeful with a plan in place to achieve my goals. Debi & Phil generate a real air of support and positivity which rubs off on all the academy members, creating a forward moving culture of self belief and motivation whilst ensuring you are the very best version of you.

About the Branding module

It was within this module I started to develop a vision and mission for the business and what I wanted it to represent. The session delved deep into the psychology of branding and how developing your brand will ensure repeat customers, fantastic word of mouth, trust and reliability. It wasn’t until I completed this module I really looked at my own understanding of my business and how other’s portray it. Branding is much more than just a logo. It is about creating a community that your customers are proud to be a part of and talk about with others. With a lot of consideration to the points made in the session I feel I have created the foundations of a very successful brand which speaks for itself, retains clients & entices new ones with an ethos employees can connect with.


JUNE 2018

Overall, I have really enjoyed the academy and have got a lot from it. I always feel more upbeat and positive after being at the academy and with the added benefit of learning something. Many thanks to you both for an enjoyable, informative and value packed course. Long may you continue.



JUNE 2018

I have absolutely loved Academy and I am really upset it will soon be finished.

I didn’t think I had much to learn – but I have really benefitted. It has made me think about my business, network, make new connections in the area. I have lots of work in the pipeline and have so far billed £4,700 as a direct result of my Academy membership. My only critique would be I think the sessions need to be longer. They are often rushed as Phil tries to cram content in. We would also benefit from a handout summary at the end of each session. Certain members of the group dominated which is inevitable when you get lots of business people together (I possibly include myself in that although I have tried not to monopolise the group too much!). I wonder if an additional benefit would be to include a “focus on” session at the end of each class where each business is allocated a 15-minute Q&A session about their business issues. All in I think it has been a brilliant experience. Phil and Debi have gone above and beyond to help us all out and gave me invaluable advice on one particular issue this yearGRACE GRIEVE – PINK LABRADOR PR


Having started at the academy in April of this year I can already see the benefits of my bi monthly sessions.
I had no business background before establishing Styled In Colour so it was a real leap of faith with the realisation that I would have to learn a lot on the job.
The academy focuses my mind during each session to better my current way of working and to target the areas that need development. Without the help, guidance and support of the group I know it would have taken me longer to make the valuable changes to my business that are already proving to have positive results. The structure and content of each session are so valuable as no matter what your business is or what your individual strengths are, there are things to learn at every step of business implementation.
For me it’s not just business skills that I have developed over the last 5 months with involvement from the academy but it is also personal growth and development. Situations that would have once appeared out of my reach are now becoming much more achievable and a lot less daunting with the tips that I’m picking up from both Debi and Phil Fellone but also other members of the group.
I’ve made significant changes so far including my logo, my business cards, the pricing of my services and the way that I network. All of which feel much more professional and credible.
I’m very much looking forward to the next 7 months at the academy.


JUNE 2018

Overall great course which had some great content. You’re able to take away something from every session. Some ideas or suggestions lead to other/ adaptable ideas which is great. LUKE MILLINGTON – STAY N PLAY DOGGY DAYCARE



After taking on this monstrosity of a project, namely The Two Tubs, I met Phil on his rounds of Made in Bury Business Marketing sales pitches. I believe he saw the desire in my eyes to make this business work but also saw my angst and frustrations in completing projects and moving forward with goals, which is when he approached me and invited me to take part in the MIBBA open day.

There were quite a number of business people awaiting Phil & Debis’ presentation on why MIBBA was born. I loved what it offered but worried I wouldn’t find time to be a full part of it, as you need to commit for a year. I had to think long and hard as once I committed, I could not back out or let Phil & Debi down, or myself for that matter. The pub really takes its toll on me and one of the things I struggle with is MANAGING it as the business owner. Which is when I decided to dedicated my time to write to Phil & Debi telling them why I was the perfect candidate, whilst at the same time telling myself that this is exactly what I needed.

I was delighted when told I was accepted to be part of the MIBBA, over the moon to be exact. I knew what this meant and I needed to put to one side time for this. I was dedicated and couldn’t wait to get started.

So far the journey has been inspirational. Touching on my business plan to branding, selling myself verbally to looking at what a particular colour could mean to my logo are just snippets of things to expect.

What has made a massive impact on me though, are the rest of the group. We are all very different in what we do and based on our learning curves through our businesses and where they are at the start of the course; struggles, strives, frustrations & tribulations we have grown to respect, bond and appreciate each others successes and achievements like they were our own.

This has been a huge asset to me and my business. With each project I pursue MIBBA will be in the back of my mind like a check list.

Lisa McNamara


JUNE 2018

I have really enjoyed the Academy, it has come at just the right time for me. The content has been relevant and interesting and has helped me develop my business in a number of ways, it has also helped me avoid making quite a few mistakes! It has been great meeting such a range of people and Debi and Phil’s input is always valuable. I do feel that the early sessions were somewhat rushed as there were so many participants, later sessions have felt much more relaxed and the time now available for discussion has been particularly useful. Generally, I have found the course very useful and would recommend it; it has enabled me to spend time focusing on my business in a structured way that otherwise would not have happened. I have learned invaluable new skills and made some great contacts. Thanks for the opportunity, I have really appreciated your hard work, commitment and generosity throughout the programme. SARAH HILL – SWIMMINGLY



Having only left my employment in February 2016, to focus on my small business, I was delighted to be invited to the launch of the Business Academy in April and was very pleased and surprised to have my application accepted.

The last six months have been invaluable to me and my business, and I cannot believe how far I have come.  I was recently reflecting on some of the goals I had set myself for the first year of business and was delighted to see that I have already met and surpassed some of them, which I know would not have been possible without the advice and support provided by Debi & Phil Fellone and the academy members.

Each session, I learn something new and thought-provoking and take away something valuable.  Whilst I am confident in the service I provide, I had very little experience in the business world, but have learnt so much from the academy already.

The content of the modules is always relevant and accessible and often generates helpful discussion among the academy members.  The 1:1 discussions with other members has been a source of great knowledge and support, and I know that, as well as making good business contacts, I am also making some good friends, who understand the nature of being self-employed, with all its highs and lows.

I look forward to seeing what the next six months bring!

Aislinn Marek – Relax Kids Bury



The Made in Bury Business Academy has been incredible for Shooting Stars Football Academy.

Every session is well structured, organised and thought provoking and I have learned something important every week that I have been able to successfully apply to the business. More importantly, the honest critique of Debi, Phil and my peers is extremely refreshing and forces you to address any issues that could be stifling growth and/or the long term success of the business.

The Academy has armed me with the tools to build a solid foundation for growth and longevity and I can’t thank everyone enough. I sincerely hope that this group will evolve into a networking group that will see us all working together and supporting each other for many years.

Thanks again Deb and Phil and, if you are in any doubt, make sure you apply for The Academy 2017-2018!

Rick Law



I was delighted to be selected as one of the businesses to join the Made in Bury Business Academy. The academy has been a great support to me from day one and the guidance, knowledge and expertise received from Debi and Phil has been second to none. I feel very lucky to be part of such a fantastic group.

The modules are presented in such a way that everyone is engaged and encouraged. Being part of the academy is beneficial to me for a number of reasons, but one of the most important for me is being able to share ideas and experiences with other like minded business owners.

The academy has encouraged me to think differently about aspects of my business and develop it in a way that will assist me into the future.

Amanda Barron



As a new start-up business (June 2015) I was excited to hear about the new mentoring initiative being run through Bury.  From day one this has proved to be invaluable to my business. With the help of Debi and Phil we’ve had a brand re-gig, I’ve learned to put figures on paper that actually mean something, and my business is genuinely thriving.    I can’t thank Debi & Phil enough for the encouragement and guidance I received to put together my MIBBA entry for new start-up business. Hearing that I was a top 6 finalist was the icing on the cake.

I would highly recommend this to any new business.   Well designed and presented, by people that genuinely care about you and your business success


After my initial disappointment that the news from Best of Bury was NOT the start up, grant based funding I was so keen to identify, I was very intrigued by the notion of a training course that could help shape and  futureproof 20 new start up businesses.  I was ecstatic that my facepainting business Dollypops was selected as one of the lucky twenty to form the first @cademy.

Since starting the bi-monthly sessions earlier in the year I have experienced an enormous amount of positive personal and professional growth and development directly as a result of the course.

One of the primary and possibly hitherto unexpected gains has been the immediate, organic network building within the group and extending to friends, family and close contacts of the group members.

I think it’s safe to say that every business in the group has gained a referral at least and at most some have totally changed how they’re working , where they’re working, set up new partnerships and joined new external networking groups.

Some of my happiest times and lightbulb moments this year have been in the @cademy sessions, learning and working within a sympathetic yet motivated group of people in the same position as I am.

The sessions are very well written and delivered with confidence and bucketloads of experience. Debi & Phil make an excellent team and manage the group and the learning experience with a touch of comedy when appropriate,but without straying from the core aims and realities of managing our own businesses.

Having lived through my Dad’s entrepreneurial business start up in the 90’s plus my own current experience I can say that the @cademy is definitely one of the best initiatives that Bury Council has been involved in – a great example of partnership work and thank goodness some people aren’t scared to try new ways of achieving sustainable new businesses in the borough.  Alexandra


JUNE 2016

I feel really lucky to have been selected for a place on The Academy as in a sense it’s you and Phil saying that you believe in my vision and more importantly, you believe in me. This in turn is making me believe in myself more so it really is win-win.

Group dynamic is key to the success of The Academy and you’ve both focused on this from day one. Everyone is made to feel as if they have a contribution and no one is made to feel that their lack of experience in any field is a problem. Instead we are all there to offer the skills that we excel in individually which makes for a really strong workforce!

The peer support is wonderful and I really liked the addition of “Group Therapy” this week. Our experiences are so vast and wide reaching but i’m sure everyone in the group would agree that we’ve all got something to learn, even if we’ve not realised that yet!

I feel more empowered to embrace the idea of Networking since starting the academy as this is something that I have shied away from up to press.

I’m also starting to speak like a business woman!!!! For example, yesterday I was at a jeans fitting event doing mini make-up taster sessions and I approached the jeans fitter and asked “tell me more about your brand?” I think this will be hugely beneficial for me moving forwards as the language I use will make me more credible.

I’m loving the sessions and feel as if i’m getting real quality out of them with lots of “food for thought” when I leave each one.

A big thank you to you both for giving me a huge steer in the right direction! Jill Clark – Styled in Colour


MAY 2016

“As someone starting out with a lot of passion, but not a lot of business “know how” the Made In Bury Business Academy is more than I could have hoped for!

Debi & Phil have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer and work wonderfully as a team to support the academy members.  The modules are broken up into bitesize chunks that make them easy to access and reflect on, and each week there is something new to think about and help develop my business.

I can genuinely see my business going from strength to strength with their support.  The members of the academy have bonded incredibly quickly, and the networking has been invaluable.  The support and passion within the group is amazing!”

Aislinn Marek – Relax Kids Coach  


MAY 2016

I started GEM just over a year ago and it’s been a great year. After 4 sessions with Phil & Debi at The Made in Bury Business Academy I’ve already gained invaluable advice, and topics for thought and consideration on how I can take my business onto the next level.

The other members / new businesses are a great inspriation to me, and have been supportive and encouraging within the group dynamic.

It’s going to be a great year and I can’t wait to see what my future holds now I have the help, support and advice from the team at  The Academy. Gill Arnott – GEM Business Support Ltd  


MAY 2016

Being a part of the Made in Bury Business Academy has already had a positive impact on myself and my business. It has sharpened my thinking around current and future plans and has provided excellent connections with other Bury businesses. I’m really pleased to be a part of it! Natalie Qureshi – Natal Hypnotherapy


MAY 2016

I feel very lucky to be a member of the Made in Bury Business Academy.

Each module is fun, engaging and thought provoking.

Debi & Phil share their invaluable business insights, providing support, encouragement and business skills.

Everyone is made to feel welcome, we give each other supportive peer feedback and I find the group very inspiring.

My colleagues are always eager for me to share my newly gleamed business acumen and drive.

Julian Dearlove