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Darren is off to France!

Today we had the pleasure of surprising our last Weekly £2000 Draw winner of January 2024, and this time it was Darren Fletcher from The Bury Roast Company.

Darren has supported the Weekly £2000 Draw since 2022 because he wanted to help support local businesses.

Darren’s business, The Bury Roast Company, is a family run catering business that has been going for over 20 years and offers the best products they can locally source. Every time you book them, you can be sure to get great food, with responsibly sourced meats from the local area. 

Phil went to surprise Darren at his café in Bury to tell him the fantastic news, but unfortunately he wasn’t there so café manager, Lisa McManus, accepted the cheque on his behalf.  

When we did manage to get hold of Darren, he was delighted to hear the news and said that he will be spending his £2000 winnings on a family holiday to the south of France in August. 

Congratulations to Darren! We hope he and he family have a fabulous time on holiday!

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