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Deborah’s on track for a spending spree!

It’s only 4 weeks until Christmas Eve and we’re delighted that this week’s lucky winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw was Deborah Alty with ticket number 22156. Deborah joined the Draw in September 2019, but last Christmas she bought 2 tickets for her children as a present and it was one of those tickets that won! Congratulations.

We were lucky enough to catch Deborah and let her know the wonderful news as she was on the train heading to Edinburgh for a few days for her birthday celebrations. When she’s not enjoying a few days away Deborah runs the kitchen at Fragrance Oils in Radcliffe where she has been for over 3 years.

Deborah rang Leanne back as soon as she got connection and told her that she wanted to scream and jump for joy that she was the Wednesday Winner but being on a crowded train she didn’t want alarm anyone so had to keep herself calm.

When she purchased the tickets for her children, Ben and Courtney, they all agreed that if one of the tickets won they would split the money between them all. Deborah is going to put her share of the winnings to the trip that she’s on as they haven’t been able to get away for a while so this will make the break even more spectacular.

Click here to see the moment we called Deborah.

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