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John now has the chance to Goa on holiday!

This week’s winner in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is John Blackburn with ticket number 20936. John has 2 tickets in the draw and joined back in September 2018. Congratulations!

We didn’t know a lot about John so we were intrigued to call him and find out more, while letting him know that he was the Wednesday Winner! John answered straight and Leanne wanted to see whether he had any idea as to why we were calling. Leanne was so pleased to let John know he was this week’s winner and he was completely thrilled. He told us he joined the draw after his friend, Richard Bell from DTE Business Advisers, recommended to join and he’s overjoyed that he did, not only does the cause support local businesses but he’s now won £2000.

We found out that John works as a Marketing Manager for a children’s healthcare company, Aspris, and is currently working from home in the city centre. When Leanne asked John what he would spend the £2000 on he said now that we’re allowed he’s going to book a holiday. He’s hoping to go back to a favourite place of his, Goa.

Click here to see the monent we called and suprised John.

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