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Karen’s sorted thanks to the Shoulder of Mutton.

This week’s Made in Bury Draw was proudly sponsored by Shoulder of Mutton in the ‘Winning Weeks of Christmas’ Campaign. Cat and the team were offering a voucher for £150!

The winner of the prize was Karen Mahon with ticket number 20978. She has 2 tickets in the Draw and been in since October 2018, we really appreciate her support. Karen purchased her ticket originally through Bury Council but is now retired.

Karen was shocked and elated that she was the winner and told Leanne that she loves the Shoulder of Mutton so can’t wait to take family or friends over and have a fantastic time. The Shoulder of Mutton have 

Congratulations again Karen and thank you Cat and the team at Shoulder of Mutton for being the ‘Sponsor of the Week’ in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw.

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