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Kath (air) bagged the win!

This week we took the short drive to Milliken to surprise our winner Kath Pollard! We almost had the element of surprise taken away from us as Kath was about to head out of the office to move her car! Thankfully with the help of Kim Birmingham and some of their colleagues, Kath was convinced to stay put as we were seen on camera pulling into the car park at that exact moment! Kath works in the role of Performance Solutions Administrator (EMEA) and is part of the Management Consultancy team at Milliken European Airbag Products.

We crept up the stairs and caught Kath off guard at her desk (with car keys in hand). Although cool and calm on the outside, Kath admitted that her heart was racing and why wouldn’t it be with a £2000 win? . She’s been with the company for 41 years in various roles and in her current position, helps customers within the manufacturing sector to build performance systems. Milliken are an award winning company and have strong connections to the borough having recently celebrated 150 since the mill opened and 50 years of Milliken ownership. 

Milliken are proud supporters of Made In Bury and it’s initiatives, in particular the Business Draw as they understand the importance of supporting local business within the borough. The draw helps to fund The Made In Bury Business Academy which supports Bury based businesses of the future. For Only £2 per week, you could join Kath and her colleagues in the draw and we could be surprising you with your very own Winning Wednesday! Call 0161 447 8814 or or visit

Click here to see the moment we surprised Kath. 

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