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Kerry’s heart skipped a beat with her win

So Valentine’s Day has just been and love is still in the air for this week’s winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw. The winner is Kerry Khan from Hearts for Homes in Ramsbottom with ticket number 21432. Kerry has been in the draw since July 2019. Congratulations.

Storm Dudley was in full force but that didn’t stop us from going to Hearts for Homes on Bridge Street to surprise Kerry with the giant cheque, when we got there we found out from a lovely colleague, Liz, that she wasn’t in and so we headed back to the office to call her with the great news. Thank you Liz for keeping it a secret until we could contact her.

We called Kerry a couple of times with no joy, but she then rang the number back. Leanne let her know that she was from the Made in Bury Weekly Draw and that she’d just been into the shop and sadly didn’t see her. It was only when Leanne mentioned she had a giant cheque with her that Kerry gasped with delight. Kerry was ecstatic with her win and said that she that we’d made her day!

Kerry was a nurse before she decided to take the leap and set up Hearts for Homes in 2016. She said it’s the best thing she’s done and loves what she does. She is off this week as it’s half term and wanted some time with the children. When Leanne asked what she will do with the £2000 and although she might treat herself to a little something, Kerry is looking to invest the money back into Hearts for Homes. The idea of Hearts for Homes is to offer affordable gifts and home accessories, with a wide variety of local handmade crafts and creations from local artists.

Click here to see the moment we called Kerry to surpirse her.

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