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Local School Teaching Assistant Wins £2000

Congratulations to Lisa Harrison who has won this week’s Weekly £2,000 Draw with ticket number 23886.

Lisa is a higher-level teaching assistant at local school, Fairfield Community Primary School. As you can imagine, with it coming to the end of the school year, Lisa is super busy supporting the year 6 class that she works in to get ready for leaving primary school and moving to high school studies.

Working within a busy classroom environment meant that Lisa was a little hard to get hold of, but with the support from the school’s office staff, our surprise call was put through directly to the classroom, so all the students were present when Lisa found out she had won this week’s £2000. Lisa was elated!

Lisa holds two tickets to the Weekly £2000 Draw. She signed up in December 2023 following another win at the school which saw Head Teacher, Victoria Gilkey, win £2000 in November 2023. Victoria went on to spend her winnings on a pre-planned holiday to Tunisia… but we were intrigued to find out how Lisa would be spending her newly acquired £2000 winnings.

Lisa has recently bought a new house, and as such, will be using her winnings to make her new house the perfect home. Lisa mentioned renovations, garden maintenance and furniture as things on the list that she wished to purchase. However she spends her winnings, we hope she has many happy memories in her new home.

The Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw is a not-for-profit initiative with funds raised from the draw supporting start-up businesses in Bury with training and interest free loans.

There are only 2,400 tickets available and for just £2 per ticket per week, you have a chance to WIN £2,000 every Wednesday.

Lisa Harrison - MIB Weekly Draw Winner - 10th July 2024
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