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Made in Bury Business Draw – FIRST EVER LUCKY WINNER

The first winner of the Made in Bury Business Draw was announced on Wednesday 9th May as HR Simple Limited.

HR Simple Limited of Bury New Road, Whitefield take the stress and worry out of HR by providing simple, clear, and cost-effective solutions. They also boast a HR Simple Academy which is a support platform for SME’s, an industry leading Knowledge Portal designed to meet the needs of organisations with a passion to effectively manage and develop their internal talent. 

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So, what will they spend the £2000 on? Simple – A fabulous night out with all the team to celebrate their success and reward their hard work.

David Cohen, Managing Director said, “We are delighted to support the Made in Bury Business Draw, helping new start-up businesses here in Bury with training and loans! We are especially delighted with winning the very first draw.”

Every week, only 2,400 tickets are available at just £2 per ticket, with a chance to win £2,000. Proceeds from ticket sales will help fund the Made in Bury Business Academy, which supports Bury Businesses that have been trading for less than 2 years, and also offers interest free loans.

Congratulations HR Simple Limited, enjoy your winnings!

Click here to see the moment we surprised him.

The draw is open to all Bury businesses, organisations and their employees. To find out more contact Phil on 0161 447 8814 or email   

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