I formed Aspin FM Ltd in 2019, where I became the Commercial Director. Prior to this, the company was known as AspinFM and has, to date, been trading for 10 years. Over the years we have built a brand that I am incredibly proud of and it is continuing to grow and building a strong brand based on us being ECO-Friendly.
Aspin FM Ltd are a family run Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Management company that covers the North of England, as we are a family run business we are all very passionate about it and pride ourselves on the relationships we build and retain with our clients, we offer cleaning to various businesses including Doctors Surgeries, Schools, Construction, Manufacturing etc.
I have been in the Sales and Customer care industry for over 20 years so have the experience and passion to go a long way with Aspin FM and build it to a national brand.
Before Aspin FM, I worked for TNT as a sales representative for 7 years and Credit Control clerk for 3 years, previous roles have been in Customer service.
I was educated at Haslingden High School and after gaining my GCSEs, went straight into training to be a Florist for 2 years and then went on to be a Furniture Restorer.
I had my first son, Liam, aged 21 and then went on to have Brandon and Josh in 1996 and 1999, I met Warren in 2011, who is my rock, and had Dexter in 2013, we eventually tied the knot in December 2021.
We don’t have a lot of down time with the work we put into the business; When we do we tend to spend it with family and drinking wine and gin, I also have an amazing shoe collection and love reading a good thriller. The best part of the year is our annual holiday to Madeira in the summer.