Caryn is a licensed Menopause Champion,  health & wellness coach, corporate trainer, and keynote speaker.  She is on a mission, driven by her own personal experiences, to spread Menopositivity…making menopause a transition to be embraced, not endured.  She is committed to improving menopause awareness, education, support and communication to both businesses and individuals.

Caryn’s Menopositive services include.

Corporate Menopositivity: Making Menopause Work, at Work – tailored workshops & training, focused group support, leadership engagement & policy development.

Menopositive Accreditation for Gyms:  providing gym owners & fitness professionals with CPD certified training & resources to enable them to provide the best evidenced based training, support, safe spaces, and solutions to the lucrative 40+ female market.

Health Coaching : Personalised 121 and small group coaching on menopause, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, HRT etc to help women look, feel and live m during menopause.

Caryn’s previous career was in corporate marketing, having held Marketing Director roles within the home interior industry, with a love of design & wallpaper!  She is married with 3 grown up daughters, and a passion for lots of holidays!