Nick Shack created ‘Shack Wrap’ after 10 years working in the bike industry.
He has a love for all things with 2 wheels and after purchasing his own bike (with a unique paint job) wanted to do all he could to ‘protect his ride’
From here, Colleagues, Riding buddies and customers alike were all asking for their bikes to be protected using his kits too. Demand soon grew, and with a passion to protect his customers investments – Shack Wrap was born!
Shack Wrap uses the highest quality clear polyurethane films, which can be applied to bikes (Frames, forks and cranks) to help protect them from the elements whilst out riding, such as; scratches, dents, stone chips, paint fade, scuffs and much more.
The film is applied to the areas that would get the most wear and tear, and whilst it can’t protect the bike in any major accidents, it can help the paint work to continue looking almost as good as the day you bought it!  When you eventually come to remove it – You can peel it back to reveal a bike that’s almost certainly worth more than it would have been if you hadn’t chosen to protect it with Shack Wrap!