Wellies Pet Services offer group and solo dog walking & pet visits in and around Bury.
Our tag line is “these wellies were made for walking” and that’s just what we will do. At Wellies we see bespoke as standard and will tailor our Wellie Wanders to suit the needs of you and your four – legged friend. Whether you have an excitable Cocker Spaniel ready to seek out birds or an old, slow German Shepherd with mobility issues, we will provide the best possible walking conditions and experiences to ensure your dog is stimulated, entertained and most importantly happy.
Your pet’s happiness is at the heart of all we do at Wellies. We provide a personal, professional and reliable service that will leave your pet begging for more. We understand that leaving your pet all day can tug hard at your heart-strings, that’s where we can help. Leaving them, knowing it won’t be long until they’re greeted by an enthusiastic, smiley Wellie Walker, will most certainly put your mind at rest. There really is no better way to brighten up your pet’s day.
Our pet visits are a favourite with our puppies, older dogs, cats and smaller animals. This service usually entails feeding, petting and playing with your pet whilst providing them with a bit of love and attention. Fur, feathers or scales, we can help with cleaning, feeding and letting in or out.
We aim to meet all of your pet’s needs and can’t wait to meet you and your furry companion.