Feel Good at the Studio opened in September 2018.  The concept is for everything under one roof.  This is to help people access help every aspect of their health and well being.

Problems conceiving via reflexology.  We also want to provide Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Pre and Post natal Pilates to help mums bond with baby and help keep their fitness levels.

Nutrition is another important part of the health and well being.  Talks about nutrition will help people to make the right choices for them and their families.

Mental health. We want to introduce mindfulness and meditation session. Craft sessions are starting to give people to opportunity to come along access all the facilities.

Exercise in the Studio to get people moving and improve their physical fitness. This will also promote the social side of exercise and help to make new friendships.

The ideal of all under one roof cover all ages from conception through to pregnancy and from infancy to the elderly in a wide range of areas. To keep everyone healthy in their body and their mind.