MECHA Works Ltd. Provides a full service under one fixed roof, dealing with Councils nationwide, covering various sectors, with projects of any scale.

We bring “A New Perspective In Architectural Design”, as this is what defines MECHA Works field of expertise. What we do at MECHA Works, is use the most up-to-date and modern methods of practice and production when it comes to; Drawing and Modelling edifice design. Our experience and knowledge with the assistance of modern technology provide much more accurate drawings, that work with all of our; partnering, 3rd party and contracting disciplines (BIM).

What this does for our clients? be developer or private homeowner, Investor or Organisation. Efficiency is a key driver in all aspects; time, cost, & quality. As we work to a 3-dimensional standard, we can see all the potential; hazardous and costly complications before a brick is placed. This saves cost on material, ineffective decisions, time, and only provides a much-improved quality result. Our visualisation packages help mock up your dreams into a reality with our Virtual Reality stills & tours. There is nothing more reassuring than seeing what ‘will’ be your dream design.

We work on projects as-small-as extensions to as-large-as Housing Developments and more. We ensure that we can hit, or even better your expectations. Find out more on our website for the range of services we can provide:

or to find out more contact us on:

0161 763 8759