At Nurture Counselling & Therapies we offer face to face, individual counselling. This provides you with a warm, safe, relaxed and therapeutic space and gives you the opportunity to take time out, talk openly and explore your feeling, thoughts, emotions and concerns which are important to you, in depth, in a private place, with a counsellor who is empathic and non-judgmental.

Asking for help can be the hardest decision to make, but in exploring counselling as an option, you’ve taken the first step in the process to real change and taking control of your life again. Sometimes an issue in your life can feel so overbearing that you don’t know where to begin.

In providing you with our support, dedication and commitment, our aim is to help you to be able to work through solutions and have a greater understanding of what you are experiencing, enabling you to take control and becoming empowered to reach your goals, make lasting changes and move forward positively in order to lead a more fulfilled quality of life.

Contact us and take the first step to changing your life and accessing our personalised counselling service.