Pad Foot and Paws offers Dog walking and pet visits in and around Bury.

Dog walking doesn’t need to just be a walk around the block…

We can do that, if that’s what you want, though we find that our dogs prefer something a little more stimulating. Being in Bury there several beautiful walks from an explore around Burrs Country Park, a trek along Kirklees Trail or even a hike up Holcombe Hill, to name just a few.

Our walks are tailored to meet the needs of your dog, whether you have an old man who needs a little company and a mooch around the park, a spaniel that loves to swim or whippet that does 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat. From day one to the very last, Pad, Foot and Paws can be there to enrich the life of your beloved pet and put your mind at ease knowing that your pet is happy when you can’t be at home.

And we don’t just dog walk… Whether you’re at work, on holiday, or there just aren’t enough hours in the day, Pad, Foot and Paws can help.

Maybe you have a puppy who needs several entertaining visits throughout the day, to stop him making his own fun! Perhaps you are going on holiday or on business and need us to call round to feed the cats, provide some cuddles and some stimulation, or have a reptile that needs a daily husbandry check, some handling and feeding, we can help with that. During our pet visits we can clean, feed, exercise and play with your pet, whatever it is. We can also help to get your pet to the vets or the groomers. Whatever the reason, we can provide the service you need and give you peace of mind in knowing that your pets are in safe hands.

With over 20 years’ experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes, as well as cats, small mammals, reptiles and pets of a more exotic variety, we tailor our services to fit around you, putting the needs of your pet at the heart of all we do.

Pad Foot and Paws – Where Animals Matter!