Hello, I’m Lyndsey Ayres – The Brand, Maternity and Newborn Specialist.

I have two sides to my business. The Brand Photography side and the Maternity & Newborn side.

I run a premium business, delivering the best quality service and products throughout for my clients. I have spent many years perfecting my skills and engrossing myself in education and learning programs to enable the best delivery of service to you all.

I am passionate about making a difference to peoples lives.

I thrive when they leave the shoot full of excitement and happiness because they have had the best time. I thrive when they view their images and are overwhelmed in happy emotions.

I want to help and serve.

Photography is so important to us, whether it be the moments captured of our loved ones, those moments that we never get back. The moments that are frozen in time that become more and more valuable to us as time goes by.

Or whether it be photography that captures a persons business, the job they have built from nothing. Images that show the the story of that business, the graft that goes in, the service