I’m Hayley, born and bred in Manchester. Mum to two little people, Polly, 12 (taller than me) and Barney, 6 (a real ninja). I’m engaged to Lee, one day to be married. We have a dog named Bear all the way from Romania who is now fluent in English too

As a Dispensing Optician for over 20 years when Covid hit I decided to set up mobile so I could go out into the community and dispense fantastic glasses and look after general eyecare needs. Many people just prefer the personal touch and the flexibility of having a home visit or popping over to me at a time that’s convenient for them. I also offer pop-ups at the office, salon, coffee shop……I’ve even dispensed glasses in a car park!

A huge success it has been so far.  Big thank you’s to anyone and everyone who has and is supportive of MODS and local business

MODS is here to look after all your eyecare needs, advice, styles, lens recommendations, repairs, sports eyewear, reglazes……the list goes on. As well as a having a vast range of designer and non-designer frames to suit all budgets. The only not criticism I’ve had is

‘you have TOO much choice!’…….

(I’ll take that one)

MODS also welcomes NHS vouchers, so it doesn’t have to cost you a penny

I ask you all to please keep on top of your eyecare needs with regular sight exams. Get the kids tested too. Grab a copy of your prescriptions and call me on 07863 544088.

Let’s get SPEXY