Nadia is a transformational midlife coach, whose mission is to support exceptional midlife professionals discover the secret to meaningful success and happiness beyond the boardroom. Challenged by her own experience of losing herself after emerging from a highly successful academic and professional career, Nadia strongly believes that underneath all the external challenges we face, are deep-rooted emotional wounds that need addressing.

Through her unique blend of cognitive, somatic and energetic work, Nadia works intuitively with her clients to help them deeply understand, accept, respect and value themselves. Her absolute passion is helping her clients release trapped negative emotions from unresolved core emotional wounds, which ultimately gives her clients the freedom to experience greater levels of happiness, fulfilment and success.

Nadia’s work is informed by her own experience, passion and training. She is proud to be a mum of three, certified Performance Coach, Master NLP Coach, Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy & Hypnosis, Certified Practitioner of Non-invasive Meridian Therapy, Motherhood Studies Practitioner and is working towards a Level 7 Somatic Trauma Informed Coaching qualification and an EQ Mastery Coach certification. She holds a Masters degree from Cambridge University in Oriental Studies and she enjoys nothing more than putting her feet up with a personal development book and a cup of tea.