I have a passion for education! After 25 years experience working with pupils in the public and private sectors, and my own children, I know what works. And the glowing reviews I regularly receive from parents and students prove that I am getting it right!

A Star Tuition Group evolved from my own experience when my boys started school. It quickly became apparent that they needed more than school alone could provide. Ben and Mathew attended a high-performing primary school and as a parent, I felt under enormous pressure to ensure that they were not just happy, but also thriving in the classroom. Being a teacher, I was able to provide the extra support the boys needed – not just with homework, but also by taking them onto the next level when they were ready.

The results were so impressive that I was asked to teach a neighbour’s daughter. Her father was delighted with the progress she made in such a short time, so he recommended me to his friend. Within a few months, further recommendations resulted in a steady flow of pupils who all needed that extra boost in order to thrive at school… A Star Tuition Group was born!

Since then I have taught thousands of children with outstanding results. Furthermore, A Star Tuition Group continues to grow – I have a fantastic team of teachers, working alongside me, delivering high-quality English, maths, science & languages support. I am very excited about this because now we can help even more 15 to 18 year-olds, who are anxious about upcoming exams, but cannot get the support they need from the school system.

In 2019, A Star Tuition Group was crowned the ‘Best Tuition Group in Manchester’ in Corporate Livewire’s ‘Prestige of Manchester Awards. Furthermore, in 2022, we won the accolade of ‘Best Tuition Group in the North West’ – further proof that our unique approach works!

It’s been my privilege and a pleasure to help so many children achieve their educational goals and to be awarded for doing a job that I love, is incredible!