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Mission ‘Surprise Maggie’ didn’t quite go to plan this Winning Wednesday!

Another Winning Wednesday and another winner to surprise with the fact that they will be ending their day with an extra £2000 in their bank account! This week’s winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is Margaret Hostey with ticket number 21642 – congratulations!

Maggie works for Six Town Housing and has been with them for 5 years. She was part of the Customer Service Team up until the beginning of this month and  now works in the Planning Team for Repairs Direct within Six Town Housing. She spends her days planning operatives, oversees the caretakers and deals with fly tipping and removals.

We tried to surprise Maggie with the winning call to let her know the fantastic news that she was today’s £2000 winner, but she was a very difficult lady to get hold of, and after three attempts of calling her, we still didn’t have any luck being able to surprise her with the news and catch it on camera for the video.

We eventually got hold of Maggie and were able to speak to her on the phone. Although surprising Maggie whilst filming didn’t quite go to plan, she was delighted with the news that she had won! She said she has a holiday booked for next year and £1,000 left to pay so this will go towards that, and the remaining £1000 will be spending money – amazing!

Congratulations Maggie! We hope you have a brilliant holiday next year and enjoy treating yourself whilst you’re there.

Watch the video here!

If you want to be like Maggie and win £2000 on a Wednesday then make sure you’re signed up to the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw! For only £2 per week you have the chance to win £2000 EVERY Wednesday, and with only 2,400 tickets available the odds are fantastic! All you need to do is email, saying how many tickets you’d like and we will send you the details to set up your standing order.


If you’d like to win £2000 on a Wednesday, follow these simple steps to take part in the draw;

1.     Email (saying how many tickets you’d like)

2.     Wait for your number/s to be issued along with details on how to set up a standing order via your online banking.

3.     Set up your standing order, cross your fingers then wait for the Winning Wednesday call!

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