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Nicola Is Going To Town On Presents This Christmas!

Another Wednesday, another chance to make someone’s day with that winning phone call! This week’s winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is Nicola Hughes from Six Town Housing with Ticket Number 20265.

We knew Nicola would be working from home so we decided to call her to tell her the fantastic news! When Nicola answered the phone she didn’t immediately register why Phil would be ringing her on a Wednesday. Once Phil told her she was this week’s £2000 winner, elated Nicola burst into laughter and said “you’re joking me!”. She told Phil this was the first time she’d ever won anything, she hasn’t even won a prize on the tombola at the local church before. Well Nicola, you’re now a winner! In fact, you’re a £2000 winner! 

When asked what the money will be spent on, Nicola said that it has come at such a great time for Christmas presents. Her son has asked for an expensive pair of trainers, and her daughter would like an ipad so they will definitely be getting those this Christmas! She also plans to buy her husband something nice and with any money that is left, she might just treat herself to a new handbag. How lovely! 

Click here to watch the moment we surprised Nicola with the winning call!

Nicola is a customer advisor at Six Town Housing and has been in the role for 7 years. She is the first point of contact for providing people with advice. Six Town Housing was set up in 2005 and is an Arms Length Management Organisation to manage the housing stock owned by Bury Council. They provide a wide range of services to around 8000 homes in Bury and aim to improve the quality of your home and neighbourhood.

What a well deserved winner today! Nicola has been in the draw since the very beginning so it just goes to show no matter how long you have been in it you can still win, and it’s definitely worth the wait! You’ve got to be in it to win it! Congratulations Nicola!

If you’d like to buy a ticket in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw, send an email to saying how many tickets you’d like and don’t forget to join our Facebook Group by clicking here so you never miss out on an announcement!

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