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Our Third Double winner!

We have our third lucky double winner…Josh Riddett!

Josh won with another of his lucky tickets, number 22047. He been in the draw since September and has a MASSIVE 20 tickets in the Draw each week!

It was great to be able to surprise Josh and he was completely in shock that he’d won for a 2nd time. Which he said was just amazing and it’s not just made his day, but his entire month. He’s not normally lost for words, but this was a great surprise.

He told us afterwards that one of the reasons for joining the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is to be able to support new start-up businesses. As a businessman himself, he knows what it’s like when you first start up and wants to ensure he gives back by supporting up and coming Businesses locally. He said the Made in Bury Business Academy is a great programme for those who need help, support, and guidance.

Easy Crypto Hunter are the UK’s leading team for Cryptocurrency mining and were founded in 2017. The business not only help individuals and companies, but they are now working with agricultural industry to help monetise green energy. Josh recently attended the European Union summit on crypto as a delegate.

Josh told us that he is he going away with his family soon, so the £2,000 winnings will be used towards some fun times and some extra treats.

Click here to see the moment he won.

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