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Paul’s Lovin’ it!

Today’s lucky winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is Paul Dyke who bought his ticket via AOJ Restaurants, the franchise of the Radcliffe, Pilsworth and Whitefield McDonalds.

Paul, with lucky number 21168 has been in the draw since November 2018….

So, 2nd times a charm today as Paul did not pick up straight away. He told us he was on his day off from work and gets several calls so had first screened our call and decided not to answer. It was only when we rang a 2nd time that he thought the call might be important…and it sure was! Paul had to celebrate in silence today as he had just put his 2-year-old Son down for his nap and did not want to wake him when he found out he had won.

Paul is a supervisor for the Radcliffe, Pilsworth and Whitefield McDonalds and he has been there for an outstanding 19 years! He said it was only meant to be a part time job, but he has made an amazing career out of it. Paul has 2 tickets in the Draw and is hoping that he will get another win in the future.

He told us he will be using the £2,000 winnings to treat his partner and son, George, as it is both their Birthday’s next month.

Click here to see the moment we surprised Paul.

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