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Second Cheque Exchange for Exchange Utility

The Made in Bury team paid a second visit to Exchange Utility today as the team won the weekly £2000 draw for the second time in 18 months!

With a little help from Business Support Manager Pam we surprised Head of Customer Experience Annie with the cheque – turning heads in the office as we passed by with the large cheque.

Annie, who has worked at the company for 6 years, remembers the last time the company won and told us that as it did last time, the winnings will go on a team day or night for all the staff to celebrate together.

Exchange Utility help businesses to keep energy costs low by offering impartial energy comparisons from utility suppliers to save them time and money.

Every week someone wins £2000 in The Made In Bury weekly draw and with just 2,400 tickets available the odds are great. Tickets are just £2 each and proceeds go towards helping new start-up businesses through the Made in Bury Business Academy, and support interest free loans.

The draw is open to all Bury businesses, organisations and their employees so if you haven’t signed up yet do so now and next time we could be surprising you!

Congratulations again to Exchange Utility! You can watch the moment we surprised Annie here.

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