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Second win for the syndicate at Connect Comms!

This week’s winner in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is Brenda Thomas with ticket number 20372! Congratulations.

We were lucky enough to go down to where Brenda works to surprise her in person at the Connect Comms office on Manchester Road in Bury. We sneaked into the office with the giant and straight away we were noticed by Hannah and some of the other colleagues who were desperate to find out who the winner was. When they saw it was Brenda they all screamed with delight.

What’s even nicer about today’s win is that it’s part of a syndicate. Brenda, along with 5 other colleagues, all have 1 ticket each in the draw and have agreed to share the winnings should they be the Wednesday Winner, giving themselves 6 chances each week to win! The person who’s name the ticket is under gets £500 and the rest all get £300 and this is now the SECOND time they have won collectively which is incredible.

Brenda is going to London this weekend for her daughters belated birthday and so the money will go on some extra treats. Jake is going to Liverpool on Saturday so he’s now got some extra money to help the weekend be even better than expected. Hannah and Matt have recently moved into a new home so this will go towards a new TV for the house. Izzy is looking to put her money towards a well-deserved shopping spree and Ella was still in shock that they had won so isn’t sure what she’ll spend the winnings on.

Connect Comms have been in the Weekly Draw since the beginning, they have 10 corporate tickets each week, some colleagues have a syndicate going and a couple have individual tickets. They are great advocates and believe it’s a great cause to get behind, helping the local community and new businesses in the area to succeed. This is now the 4th win for them overall.

Connect Comms are family run business that offer a wide range of telecommunication related services, including the supply of mobile phone, business landlines, phone lines, and phone systems and offer competitive prices on all devices and tariffs for businesses of all sizes, as well as ongoing support. 

Click here to see the moment we went down the the Connect Comms office.

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