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…Shhh…the winner doesn’t know yet!

This week’s winner in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is ticket number 22211. The reason why the winner’s name hasn’t been announced is because they currently don’t know yet that they are the winner!

It’s going to be so exciting as they won’t find out until later this evening when they start work. The ticket was purchased as a secret from the winners lovely wife. At the time she decided to get herself a ticket and also her husband one as a surprise.

After ringing to see if she could help us with a covert operation to surprise him we were informed that he works nights and so won’t start his shift until 7pm. Leanne rang the company he works for and the response from the team has been incredible, they have helped us to arrange a visit later tonight and the winner has no idea!

We cannot wait as this will be a first for us at Made in Bury surprising someone at night. A big thank you to his wife and also the colleagues at the company for being so kind in assisting us with this. Stay tuned for another email that will be sent out tomorrow letting everyone see the wonderful video of when we our lucky winner.

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