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Shoes or a holiday? Big decisions for Valerie after her win!

The first draw of August sees Valerie Pierce from The Bury Black Pudding Company win the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw with lucky ticket number 20964. Congratulations.

Valerie has worked for The Bury Black Pudding Company for 27 years and has been in the draw since the first year it started so thank you so much for all of your support over the years.

With the help of Valerie’s daughter Debbie, Managing Director of The Bury Black Pudding Company, we arranged to surprise Valerie on the stall at Bury Market while she was working. She was in disbelief that she had won and kept asking to see the cheque again to see her name on there!

Valerie said that even once she had seen Leanne with the cheque, she didn’t put two and two together! When Leanne asked what she would spend the money on, she was still lost for words but said possibly a holiday or some new shoes! Whatever you decide to spend the money on, have a fabulous time.

The Bury Black Pudding Company are huge advocates of the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw and we can’t thank them enough for all of their support over the years!

The Bury Black Pudding Company have one of the longest established stalls on Bury’s world famous market and continue to thrive. They also stock their products in major supermarkets across the UK, online, in retail outlets and they will even deliver to your door! Not to mention their latest creation, Vegan black pudding. Click here to visit their website.

If you’d like to win like Valerie go to for tickets.

The Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw is a not-for-profit initiative with funds raised from the draw supporting start-up businesses in Bury with training and interest free loans.

There are only 2,400 tickets available and for just £2 per ticket per week, you have a chance to WIN £2,000 every Wednesday.

For more information contact Leanne on 07494 185595 or email

Click here to see the video of us surprising her.

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