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Showroom owner sneaks up on £2000!

On Wednesday 24th October we drew the 25th winner of the Made in Bury Business Draw!

The winners this week were Andy and Julie Foy, owners of Think Carpet & Floors. They set their business up 10 years ago, and now have two showroom locations in Bury and Radcliffe. You can learn more about them on their website.

We tracked Andy down to his Bury showroom.

Despite being easy to find, Andy actually spotted us before we’d spotted him. We even held the door open for him as we entered Think Carpet & Floors with his cheque, assuming he might be a customer! We bet he wasn’t expecting to come back from a coffee run to find a giant cheque for £2000 in his showroom!

Apparently, our timing was perfect. Andy and Julie said they have just bought themselves a new bathroom, so this money would certainly help! Being business owners themselves, Andy and Julie know how tough it can be when you’re just starting out, so they were eager to get involved in the Business Draw. The money raised by the Made in Bury Business Draw helps fund our Business Academy and will eventually enable us to create interest free loans to support start-up businesses.

We are eager to get more people involved in the Business Draw, so have pledged that if we hit 2000 entries by the end of November, we will boost the winnings on Wednesday 19th December to £5000 – just in time for Christmas!

The draw is open to all Bury businesses and organisations, their employees, and their friends and family. Could you be our next winner?

Congratulations once again to Andy and Julie! Watch the moment we surprised them here.

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