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The day the £2000 Weekly Draw went international!

Today’s lucky winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is Heather Rose who bought her ticket via the local ‘Mum’s in Business International’ Networking Group.

Heather, with lucky number 22239 has been in the draw for just 3 months, so quite a newbie.

Debi tried to call Heather with the good news and after being red buttoned twice (Heather was in a meeting) decided to use the power of Facebook to get Heather to answer her phone. Before too long a very happy Heather called Debi back to receive the fabulous news.

Heather is Head Leader UK & Ireland & Director of Events Development at Mums/Moms in Business International, she runs over 100 regular child friendly networking events. Heather also runs a business called Mindset and Me, which helps children become more confident, have positive mindsets and grow up having a growth mindset and become resilient.

Heather is currently running her businesses from Spain for a few months whilst giving her son Isaac some amazing experiences at the same time.

Heather told us the £2,000 winnings will be going towards Scuba Diving Lessons for Isaac and couldn’t have come at a better time.

Click here to see the moment Debi told Heather the good news.

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