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The gift that keeps on giving!

Our first £2000 winner of 2021 is Julie Moran from ISM Waste & Recycling with ticket number 21703.

Now, this is actually a second win for Julie, but this ticket number is the one she bought for her husband Jason, so it is in fact Jason that is the lucky man walking away with the first £2000 prize of the year! Julie bought her husband and daughter one each for Christmas in 2019 and told them if they win with their number, the money is theirs! What a fantastic gift that is.

We decided to call Julie and surprise her with the news that one of her tickets had come up. She was absolutely delighted and when she discovered it was husband Jason who had won, she said he’s actually at home right now so why don’t we surprise him and give him a call. 

Once we received Jason’s phone number, following a little white lie from Julie about the reason we’d be calling, we got hold of him to surprise him with the news! It turned out that Jason thought we were calling him to arrange some jobs that needed doing, not that we were calling to tell him that he’d won £2000. When asked what extra present he had received from Julie for Christmas a year ago, he had no idea until a few hints were dropped by Phil. He couldn’t believe it when he was told and actually didn’t realise that Julie had been paying for the draw each week for a year, he thought it had been a one-off ticket she’d bought that Christmas! His words were “I’ll have to buy her a present now!”…we think that is a very good idea, and I’m sure Julie will love that! Jason also plans to put the rest of the prize money in a pot to go towards a holiday when we are able to travel again so that will definitely be something to look forward to.

Click here to see the moment Phil surprised Jason with that winning call! 

Julie is one of the directors at ISM Waste & Recycling and is responsible for business developement and enhancing customer support levels. ISM Waste & Recycling is a family run business based in Ramsbottom providing the best quality and most environmentally friendly waste management services for all types of businesses throughout Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Julie has 5 tickets in the draw and has previously won for herself on her own ticket so she is one lucky lady! We have had a few double winners in the draw now, and it just goes to show that you have to be in it to win it! As the ticket number is selected using a random number generator, Julie has just as much chance of winning again next week and her number could come up again. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

What a way to kick off the new year! And what a fantastic gift to give a loved one. Julie has paid £104 over the year for that ticket so the £2000 win today has definitely been worth it. If you have any family and friends you’d like to treat, why not follow suit and buy them a ticket in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw, you too could be making someone very happy like Julie has with Jason today, when they receive that winning call! 

Congratulations Jason! Enjoy spending that £2000!

For just £2 per ticket per week you have a chance to WIN £2,000 every Wednesday in the Made in Bury Weekly Draw.

To enter follow these simple steps:

1. Email (saying how many tickets you’d like)

2. Wait for your number/s to be issued along with details on how to set up a standing order via your online banking.

3. Set up your standing order, cross your fingers then wait for the Winning Wednesday call!


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