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The Weekly £2000 Draw has made Yvonne’s year!

It’s the first daw of April and this week’s winner in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is Yvonne Lindley with lucky ticket number 21618! Congratulations.

Yvonne joined the draw in December 2019 via her place of work Six Town Housing. We called Yvonne to give her the exciting news. When she answered Leanne asked whether ‘Winning Wednesday’ had any meaning to her and she replied saying “oh wow!” Yvonne was in complete shock and lost for words that she was the winner and said that it’s the best news she’s has in 2022 so far!

In May this year Yvonne will be celebrating her 4 year anniversary at Six Town Housing where she is a Neighbourhood Housing Officer.

The winnings are going to go towards a holiday to Lanzarote that has been booked for later in the year, it will be the first time that Yvonne will have been away in a few years. Yvonne is also going to treat her Mum and Grandma, who are very dear to her, with a spa day for them both as well.

Six Town Housing provide a wide range of services to around 8000 homes in Bury and aspire to deliver great services that improve the quality of your home and neighbourhood.

Would you like Leanne to come into your business to get colleagues involved in the draw and hopefully have a Wednesday Winner in your work soon, whilst supporting the local area to create and retain jobs? Email to arrange a visit.

Click here to see the moment we called Yvonne with the good news!

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