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Tracy didn’t take any risks and entered the weekly draw

This week’s lucky winner of the Made in Bury £2,000 business draw is Tracy Paterson from Munro Greenhalgh. We contacted Ian who is one of the directors for the business and he kindly helped us plan the surprise delivery of the £2,000 cheque.

When we arrived at Munro Greenhalgh, we crept up the stairs to the room Tracy was working in. She was absolutely delighted when we walked in and presented her with the cheque. Lots of Tracy’s colleagues were in the room to congratulate her which made the moment extra special.

Munro Greenhalgh insurance brokers are set in the picturesque town of Ramsbottom. With a wealth of experience spanning over 90 years, their dedicated team are on hand to help identify any areas of risk to a person or their business whilst upholding the core values –  to try their hardest for all clients.

Tracy has worked at Munro Greenhalgh for 28 years and is a claims expert which mainly deals with looking after customer’s claims. Tracy is going to spend some of the money on a weekend away with her husband and will also treat her two children to something nice.

Every Wednesday someone wins £2,000 in the Made in Bury Business Draw and with just 2,400 tickets available, the odds are great. Tickets are just £2 each and proceeds go towards helping new start-up businesses through the Made in Bury Business Academy and support interest-free loans. 

Please click here to watch the moment we surprised Tracy.

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