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Triumph for Two on Double Draw Day!

It’s double draw day! This Wednesday we surprised not one, but two winners! 

As next week’s draw falls on 30th December, we brought the draw forward one week and decided to surprise two winners in one day!

The first £2000 winner is Melanie Quilton with ticket number 20909 (photo above). We started filming and called Melanie to surprise her with the news, but unfortunately it went straight to voicemail. Just as we’d put the camera away Melanie called us back, so we didn’t manage to catch her reaction on video but she couldn’t believe the news and was absolutely delighted! She came down to the Businesslodge to collect her cheque this afternoon and said she will be donating a quarter of it to Bleak Holt Animal Sanctuary as she’s a big dog lover and she will be also treating her family this Christmas as they haven’t had the best of times recently. Melanie is an ex Made in Bury Business Academy member and owns MAQ Beauty providing mobile nails and beauty around Bury. Not only does she have her own business, but Melanie also works for Persona, a care facility and will be working this Christmas Day as she said it’s only her and her dog at home, so she wants her colleagues to be able to spend Christmas with their family at home. How kind! 

Melanie you truly deserve the win and it was so nice to see your smiling face. Have a wonderful Christmas!


Our winner of the 30th December draw is Rachel Fisher with ticket number 21863 and this lucky lady works at Yorkshire Bank in The Rock, Bury! We managed to surprise Rachel with the winning phone call! At first we had no answer but luckily for us she called back straight away as we were still recording! Rachel couldn’t believe her luck when she was told she was the £2000 winner, she said she’s never won anything before! After some bad news with work recently this is just the pick me up she needed and plans on using the money to hopefully go on holiday next year, possibly to Turkey. Rachel is a Customer Banking Advisor at Yorkshire Bank and spends her days supporting customers and making their lives easier. She has worked in the Bury centre branch for 17 years and has been in her current role for just under 12 months.

Congratulations Rachel! We hope you get that well deserved holiday in 2021.

Click here to see the moment we surprised Rachel with the winning call!

The Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw costs just £2 a week, and we give away £2,000 every Wednesday! Anyone that owns or works for a business in the borough of Bury can take part in the draw, and if you have friends or family who want to play, let them know how to get involved! Proceeds go to funding the Made in Bury Business Academy, providing start-up businesses with mentoring and training from industry experts, and providing them with interest free loans. So the more people that play in the draw, the more we can help the businesses of Bury!

If you’d like to play the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw, send an email to, saying how many tickets you’d like and we will get you signed up!

We will be back on Wednesday 6th January 2020 with another Winning Wednesday, so if you haven’t yet bought your tickets there is still time. Have a lovely Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!

Congratulations again to Melanie and Rachel, what a way to begin the Christmas period! 


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