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We need your help to track the winner!

So this week was a first for us at Made in Bury as we haven’t been able to get in touch with this weeks winner. The winning ticket number is 21432.

The winner purchased their ticket through Woodhey High School in the Bury in June 2019 and when we went to surprise them with the giant cheque to fine out that they have since retired. 

We went back to the office to make our surprise phone call and sadly we’ve tried the details we have on record to get in touch and we’ve been unsuccessful.

Now over to the amazing people in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw, can you help us track the winner. Do you reckon you might know who this person might be? Have you got friend or family memeber that has purchased a ticket in the draw and they have now retired from Woodhey High School? If so please get in touch with us on 07494 185595.

We’ll keep you updated and put out an updated blog once we have let the winner know their wonderful news.

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