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Winning Persona-lity scoops Made in Bury weekly £2,000 prize draw

This week’s winner couldn’t have looked happier if she’d tried!  Karen Smalley was the name on the lucky ticket that was drawn this week and she was literally jumping for joy when she heard the news that she’d won £2,000.

In actual fact Karen and three of her colleagues have purchased tickets as a syndicate, so there were four, not one winner this week, each taking home £500.  

Karen is a senior carer for Persona who provide a range of different support options designed to be flexible to meet the diverse needs of the community. They include advice, guidance and signposting, to light touch support right through to 24/7 services to support complex needs.

Karen’s syndicate colleagues are Anna Craig (manager), Maria Burke and Anne-Marie Davies who are both carers.  Karen and Maria have both vowed to go clothes shopping with their winnings – together!

Huge congratulations to all four of you!  We hope that you have a fabulous time spending your win.  Of course, being part of a syndicate means that there’s an even bigger chance of winning again!

Persona are just one of around 70 local businesses that support the Business Draw. Every week, just 2,400 tickets are available at only £2 each, with a fantastic opportunity to win £2,000. Proceeds from ticket sales will help new start-up businesses through the Made in Bury Business Academy, and support interest free loans.

Congratulations once again to Karen, Anna, Maria and Anne-Marie. You can watch the moment Karen was told she’d won here

 Could it be YOU next week? You won’t know unless you get involved – if you’d like the chance of winning £2000 go to or contact Phil on 0161 447 8814 or email

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