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With A Little Help from My Friend!

Today’s winner of the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw is Samantha Caraher from Bury Council with ticket number 20038.

Knowing that a lot of Bury Council employees are currently working from home, we had to think outside the box slightly and work out how we could surprise Samantha with the good news today! After a little search on Facebook we soon discovered a mutual friend, who has actually won the draw previously herself! We informed Nicola that her good friend Samantha had won, she was more than willing to help out and find out if Samantha was working at home so that we could head down with the big cheque! Samantha was told a little fib that Nicola would be dropping something off at her house very shortly.

As soon as we got the go-ahead we made our way to Samantha’s house, and as luck would have it, we bumped into her husband outside the property who was over the moon for his wife and lead us into their house to break the news to a very unsuspecting Samantha! Samantha was expecting to see her friend Nicola so looked very confused when Debi called out her name and approached her holding the huge £2000 cheque! As soon as she realised what was actually going on, Samantha exclaimed “Oh wow! No way!”. 

Samantha was elated that she’s won the £2000 as she has supported the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw since day one! Samantha celebrated her 50th birthday this year but due to travelling restrictions she was unable to go away, so she’s going to use the money on a really good holiday to celebrate!

Samantha has worked for Bury Council for 33 years and is the Team Leader in the Older People Staying Well Team. Samantha provides a service to help older people maintain their health and wellbeing. 

Many of Bury Council’s employees have tickets in the Made in Bury Weekly £2000 Draw and we would like to thank them for their ongoing support!

Congratulations again Samantha!

Watch the video here!

If you’d like to be like Samantha and win £2000 on a Wednesday, follow these simple steps to take part in the draw;

1.     Email (saying how many tickets you’d like)

2.     Wait for your number/s to be issued along with details on how to set up a standing order via your online banking.

3.     Set up your standing order, cross your fingers then wait for the Winning Wednesday call!

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